A little about us......

Patrick O’Connor has owned and loved Dobermanns since 1972.
He is a full time professional dog trainer and owns INCREDIBLE CANINE TRAINING CENTER. Patrick has been involved in
Schutzhund for over 40 years, and has served as training directorfor 4 different clubs. He is currently the training director
for Redwood SchH Club and the Redwood Working Dobermann Club.
Patrick has been a certified helper for DVG & USA and is an expert in schutzhund and police helper instruction.He has judged
and/or instructed at over 60 seminars and tournaments for sport and police K9’s.
Internationally recognized as an expert in the areas of patrol problem solving, muzzle work, and bite suit work,
he has been featured in numerous magazine articles, books, radio shows, television, and videos.Some of his most notable
media coverage includes the Discovery channel program, “K9 COPS” where he was interviewed extensively on his training
views. He has appeared in “Dog Sports” magazine numerous times, including being the subject of a 2 part series focusing
on his sport training and equipment expertise.
Patrick is the Current (2012/2013) President of the United Doberman Club.

Lorna O’Connor has owned and loved Dobermanns since 1980. As a trainer, she specializes in behavioral problem solving
and has trained in several venues over the past 30 years. Lorna has served as both Regional Director and Vice President of the United Doberman United Doberman Club and is serving her 4th term as president of  Redwood Working Dobermann Club.
For the past 10 years, she has been the regional puppy program manager for Canine Companions for Independence and as such, has worked closely with the leading reproduction experts, geneticists, and breeding programs,overseeing the care, training, and socialization of over
300 puppies being raised in her region at any given time. This experience gives her a unique amount of expertise in the selection of breeding stock,evaluating temperament and conformation, potential puppy homes and the puppies best suited to those homes.

Together, we have over 60 years of experience with dogs and the Dobermann breed. Dogs are our careers, our hobbies,
and our passion. We breed, raise, train, show, and trial our dogs ourselves – giving us a unique insight into their
attributes and their flaws. Our goal in breeding is to improve the Dobermann breed as a whole by contributing only those Dobermanns that have the complete package - Excellence in health, temperament, working ability, & conformation......

One Dobermann for ALL!!!

We are proud to be members in good standing of the following organizations……

Redwood Schutzhund Club

Redwood Working Dobermann Club

United Doberman Club

International Working Dog Breeders Association

California Narcotics Canine Association

American Dobermann Association

United Schutzhund Clubs of America


American Working Dog Federation

Redwood PSA Club