OFA Good, Elbows Normal, Thyroid normal, Cardio normal, VWD Clear, CERF
11.16.2001 to 10-15-2011
Sadly, Spice passed away from Gastric Torsion just 1 month shy of her 10th Birthday. Her energy will never die and lives on in all of the Incredible dobermanns.
We love you Spice and you remain forever in our hearts!

CH. Gemini Ginga Haus, IPO I, ZTP-V1A x CH. Tahi Reme Kamilla, IPO I


            DPC of Sacramento 4/03                 1st puppy 6-9 mo.
       1st puppy sweepstakes 6-9 mo.                                                                     ADA National Sieger Championship 8/03
Reserve CAC
Best Open
"V" rated by H. Wiblishauser (Germany)

    North Bay Working Dog Club 12/03                              BH                       

ADA National Sieger Championship    5/04         
"SG" rated by G. Schuler (Germany)
Best ZTP (SG 1B)

ADA National Sieger Championship 5/05
"V" rated by T. Bystrom (Sweden)
Best Progeny Group (with A-litter pups)

United Doberman Club National 5/06
Sport Temperament Test  Pronounced

Dean Calderon, World Competitor“This is the toughest Dobe bitch I’ve ever worked”

Thord Bystrom, FCI Judge“Best mover on the day was Tahi-Reme X-treme, mother of the litter I praised. She has lovely type but was not in condition on this day.” (Spice had a litter of 12 week old pups on the ground!)
Spice was imported from Hungary at 12 weeks old. She was to become the foundation of our breeding program and we could not have made a better choice.

The name X-Treme fit her very well. She did everything with gusto and intensity. She was super intelligent, full of drive, and an amazing tracking dog.

She was the world’s best mother, loving and patient with her puppies and this is one reason her pups have such wonderful temperaments. She continued to take care of all of the puppies born in our home right up to the day she passed. She was possibly the sweetest Dobermann we have ever owned and got along with any dog and loved all people.

Her heart was strong and phenomenal and pictures of her working in her holter appear in the presentations of Board certified canine cardiologist, Dr. Kristen MacDonald, Animal Care Center.

Spice retired from breeding and protection work, but remained working on the tracking fields and was the Queen of our home and hearts!

Her legacy will continue on in her children.  Out of her 2 litters, Spice gave us 8 get that are titled in show, schutzhund, French Ring, P.O.S.T certified,  agility, and even dock diving. Spice also produced two ZTP-V1A males for our breeding program -  the only bitch in America to produce get of this quality.

We could not have asked for a stronger foundation for Incredible Dobermanns. Thank you Spice!

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